Jonah Chapter 1



Theme of Jonah: God’s Response to Wickedness in the Word

Theme of Ch.1: Sin and Grace: Our Sin of Running from God and God’s Pursuit of Us


Rewrite perceptions of what Jonah is about – there is deeper theological significance.

Book focuses on one incident of Jonah’s life – other prophets focus on their teachings.

Jonah, fish, sailors and Ninevites are supporting actors in this story about GOD

VS 1-3

Jonah from Gath-Hepher (small village outside of Nazareth) – 2 Kings 14:25 – Contrast with Nineveh

Like many other of our biblical heroes – Jonah is a reluctant prophet (Abram, Sarai, Moses)

Not the task Jonah was expecting or wanted – other prophets spoke to Israel (not Nahum or Jonah)

Nineveh to the East – Assyrian “capital” – great in size and scope – Awful against enemies and proud of it

Imperialistic and wicked – past 100 years – lasted until 612 Babylon – “Samaritans” 750-722

Vs 2 told Jonah to ARISE and GO – JONAH ROSE UP and FLED

Geography lesson – Tarshish to the West – didn’t get any further west

VS 4-6

Wild scene – imagine the strength of hurricanes – how bad was this if it was from God?

Ships were made for this – yet this one was about to break up

Experienced and professional sailors were scared – Panic button – got religion

1) Pray to gods 2) Start tossing stuff

Where was Jonah – this tells us where he was mentally – gave up and accepted his fate-death

He was going to die by the storm or by these sailors

Captain to Jonah: Are you crazy!? Start praying to your God – maybe he’ll help us

VS 7-12

Found out Jonah and tried to find out what he did and who he did it to – that would help them fix problem

Found out it was the LORD and they were exceedingly afraid

Jonah accepted his fate and his punishment – he knew he was dead

VS 13-16

Didn’t listen to Jonah at first because they were scared of God – not because of Jonah

Tried to row out of it

Jonah’s sin endangered those around him – but God was glorified through it

VS 17

Jonah was saved by the fish

Why did Jonah run? 4:2 – Because of faulty theology – believed in Justice but not Mercy

Chapter 1 is about God’s pursuit of Jonah – Grace and Mercy – not so he could punish him but so that he

could use him

The sooner we realize our purpose the better off we’ll be. We are props for God’s glory – just like Jonah.

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